Demo Reels

Silent Films

  • Unbomb
    We shot Unbomb in our bomb shelter shortly before we moved the studio to the West Bottoms.
  • Requiem Beach
    Requiem Beach is a short we filmed on Easter, 2003 on the Santa Monica Pier.
  • Zen and the Art of Flying Pigs
    This is our short film from 2005 called Zen and the Art of Flying Pigs. It features our friend, Zen, and his quest to make his pig fly. It's also our comment on throwing money at a problem instead of immagination.

For-Hire Audio/Video Work

Design Work

  • Wedding Invitation
    here is some of our design work. it includes print design, interactive designs, even coloring book drawings. click thumbnail for larger view


  • shadow puppet
    no idea comes to light before pencil (or pen) touches paper. everything we do starts out as a sketch of some kind. this is sort of a baby album of our ideas. click the thumbnail for a larger image.

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September 06, 2007

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My Photo

Studio Tour

  • rhythm
    visit our studio and take a look around. you'll learn something about us. click a thumbnail to view a larger photo

Still Photos

  • geranium
    we spend a lot of time looking through a viewfinder. besides a sweaty eyebrow, it can yeild some stunning results. click a thumbnail for a larger image

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